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    Success is profound only by your inner destiny

    I became a licensed realtor in the Tri-State area in 2006, after relocating from Michigan to this area I decided to put my license into retirement. In 2007 I initiated my career in this area with Keller Williams Realtor, thus the experience with KW taught me a lot about the culture in this area. I fell in love with the diversity of this area, as well as, the culture. After leaving from Keller Williams Realty in 2008 I switched over to a local company called First National after 9 years with them I decided I needed a new jump start.

    I am currently with JASCO Realtors (Jeffrey A Smith Co) I am very excited because I think they will provide me with the support I've needed in order to provide better services for my clients. I am sure I will be here for a while because I am loyal by default. For instance, I love eating the same things at my favorite restaurants, and stores. I would love to say its just me who does everything but the truth is I have team named RMCL of Jasco Realtors and they are amazing. We have been providing great service together for over 5 years.

    I want to give you a little bit of history besides my current career I am originally from Michigan, yes a Michigander and yesI was born and raised there. In 1991 I decided to go off to school to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering, at which I completed 3 1/2 years at Lincoln University located in Missouri, I then decided to transfer to Southern University to finish up there but things did not go like I planned. Soon after I moved back to Michigan to assist in taking care of my grandmother. There is where I found the love of my life we have 2 boys and here we are 23 years of marriage later. In 2010 I went back to school and decided to switch my major, where I received my Bachelors Degree in Informational Technology Security Systems (ITSS). I am not a quitter so I had to continue my educational journey! I am looking forward in sharing more of my background with you in person I think we will enjoy the journey.

    Awards & Designations

    2014,2015,2016, Million Dollar Award, 2015,2016 Multi-Million Dollar Award, 2015,2016 Top Producer with company

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